About Us

The Healing Temple is on a beautiful relaxant space where you feel nurtured ,located at Weston Turville was created for one sole purpose to bring wholeness, well-being, transformation and improve the quality of life those in need.  Our qualified devoted team of emphatic therapists and practitioners are poised to assist and guide you to re-evaluate your life from different perspective to transform into a state of empowered and joyful living.

At the Healing Temple, we integrate a variety of holistic therapies techniques to help the client on their journey toward a purpose. We will motivate client to move forward and encourage changes by facilitating healing, using ancient and contemporary practices that improve physical, emotional and spiritual strength. We offer the best care and assistant to our client journey to take control of their mind, body and soul. We build an understanding relationship with our client to assist them in achieving good all-around health.

At the Healing Temple, we believe in a holistic approach to healing process is that whatever you believe will considerably contribute to the quality of your healing. Believe is an incredible powerful tool and used well it can have amazing results.

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