Energy Psychology

Energy psychology handles issues based on the relationship of energy systems to cognition, emotion, behaviour and health.

Even though psychological functioning also focuses on emotions, thought, chemistry, genetics, neurology, and environmental parts, an important level bioenergy is also actively involved.  Energy psychology works with a wide range of areas which includes counselling, psychotherapy, education, physical health, vocational guidance, pain management, sports and peak performance.

What is Energy Psychology?

Energy psychology involves approaches to the treatment and assessment of psychological problems through bioenergy systems. It also involves the standard therapeutic elements like listening, rapport and discussion, energy psychology also involves procedures which addresses the basics of energetic problem through manual muscle testing, attunement, and different techniques which involves stimulating the body at its sensitive parts by taking hold or tapping specified body postures and movements, use of affirmation, visualization, expressed intentions and assertions, and a lot more. A lot of approaches to energy psychology are also based on the relationship between consciousness, bioenergy, thought, intentionality, and spirituality. These therapies will most likely lead to measurable and noticeable results quickly without leading to undue abreaction or emotional distress.

One of the most popular energy psychology is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and Energy Consciousness Therapy (ECT)™.

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