Soul Plan Reading

What is a Soul Plan?

Soul Plan is the kind of interpretation of the ancient way of studying life’s purpose. This applies to the conscious and unconscious level with the aim to give the recipient more connection, freedom, satisfaction, healing and life. The Soul Plan will make known to you a new and interesting manner to view your life. It makes use of sound vibration and intention before naming, to know a person’s “Soul Plan”. A Soul Plan Reading is based on the sound vibration of the person’s birth name (the one on your birth certificate). When this process is done by a practitioner, it will easier to align naturally with it. The goal of this process is to make us realize our true nature.

How does it work?

The Soul Plan is a healing and reading system that is based on your birth name (the one on your birth certificate). It handles the vibration of the purpose of your soul – why are you here? What are we here to contribute on this planet? It’s built on the fact that we have two parts on earth: worldly (from birth to 35/40) and spiritual (35/40 until death). These two “lives” are placed into three main areas: your talents, challenges and your goals. How to make you use your talents to surmount challenges to attain your life goals. The talents I’m referring to here is yours and yours only. Not just the ones that are pushed on us by our parents or society. They are tied to your purpose and goals on earth.  We are of the opinion that we have to be a certain way before we can be successful and happy but what can this really make us happy? All these parts are your Soul Destiny – the reason why you are here. After you are done with the reading there will be an energy healing which allows you to get rid of blocks you are facing which creates resistance in your life. It’s a beautiful and amazing liberating process!

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