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Holistic Healing Therapy

The Healing Temple


At The Healing Temple we offer Holistic Healing Therapy of mind, body, soul, spiritual healing, counselling, coaching, psychotherapy and massage.

To explain healing, perhaps we need to explore our reality in a new way, one that is increasingly being considered as being of a quantum nature in which everything is interconnected. Inside and outside of our body consists of energy. Most of all diseases are starts in mind, ends in mind. The mind is the canvas, on which our thoughts are projected, is a part of human consciousness.  The mind is the holographic representation of the human body. With our positive thoughts, genuine intention to heal known as quantum thinking and healing takes place at the spiritual level by producing endorphins.

Many of us are living challenging times disconnected from our true spiritual selves and source consciousness.  When this connection is weak, our whole being becomes dysfunctional and imbalanced.  This manifests as all the various physical and mental illnesses that many in our society experience today.

Scientists are discovering more and more about the mind-body connection. Each one of the cells in our bodies is a living, and intelligent being. There are specialized clusters of cells called chromosome, the genetic structure that carries the DNA, and the genes. Evidence shows that DNA is in actuality a receiver/transmitter, which records and stores information received from the subconscious mind, which holds memory from, yesterday, two years ago, even two thousand years ago from an ancestor of long ago.

Holistic Healing Therapy

The human body works as a whole, has an excellent capacity to heal by itself. Holistic healing is a whole-body healing yield better results without adverse effects. At The Healing Temple we facilitate with Holistic Healing Therapy of mind, body and soul.

My Work

Combines spiritual healing, counselling, coaching, psychotherapy and a wide range of techniques from realm and subtle energy work with the aim of bringing healing at the very level of existence.  The healing act is not just a set of techniques but aims to improve your healing process in a holistic sense.  At The Healing Temple we offer Holistic Healing Therapy of mind, body and soul. 

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What is Holistic Healing?

Holistic Healing Therapy

It is a wholeness where we should include all aspects of your life, physical, mental, spiritual, social and only when we see ourselves from a holistic perspective that we realise health is a state of being “whole” rather than a collection of symptoms. At The Healing Temple we facilitate with Holistic Healing Therapy of mind, body and soul. 

Healing is a natural process to restoring balance to be aligned with what we are authentically, and  to recover our core self through unconditional self- love and unconditional self-acceptence. Holistic therapy practitioners believe that the “whole” person is made up of interdependent parts and if one part is not working properly all the others part will be affected.


What They Say

Jo, Uxbridge

I have just had an amazing tarot reading with Guiomar which was an in depth look at my life at the moment, and looking at specific aspects which I wished to explore. I really love the way Gee used a mixture of the psychic and counselling /coaching aspects through her reading for me as it allowed me to leave feeling empowered to deal with s few issues. I would definitely have a reading with Gee again!

Elsa Educadora de Infancia, Portugal

Tenho consultas do Tarot com a Guiomar como guia no qual me ajuda a esclarecer as minhas incertezas dando-me varias possibilidas em que me ajudou a aprofundar alguns aspectos da minha vida naquele momento.

A Guiomar para alem de me guiar atravez do Taro ela e uma excelente coaching em que me ajudou a estruturar passos positivos para o meu crescimento pessoal .
Obrigada Guiomar, um abraco forte.

Meena, Beautician Therapist Buckinghamshire

Words cannot explain how much of a guidance it is, whenever I am confused or don’t know why God is doing this to me I sit there and think it’s karma. But when I do the Tarot cards it gives me a guidance and the strength to control things and prepare myself emotionally for the future happenings.

I highly recommend it, you won’t know until you try it

Miranda, BSc Software Engineering London

A Soul Plan Reading with Guiomar was an awakening call to my core self it has helped me understanding my life lessons and challenges, my talents and goalssense of my life purpose.

Guiomar is an emphatic and loving holistic counsellor, I highly recommend her.

Paula B. Portugal

Nos momentos que me sinto confusa e que preciso de esclaricimento e orientacao para decisoes e escolhas delicadas na minha vida a Guiomar tem sido excecionalmente uma coaching tanto profissionalmente como na minha vida pessoal que me propoe bem estar psicologico e me ajuda a ter foco nas minhas metas. Obrigada Guiomar.

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