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The Healing Temple Studio is a beautiful, relaxing space where you feel safe and nurtured.  Located at Weston Turville – Aylesbury, was created  from compassion to passion for one sole purpose – to bring wholeness, well-being and transformation, improving the quality of life those in need. My name is Guiomar I am a qualified licensed, devoted emphatic Holistic Spiritual Counsellor, Holistic Coach and Hypnotherapist, poised to assist and guide you to re-evaluate your life from different perspective, transforming it into a state of empowered and joyful living.  At the Healing Temple Studio, I offer a variety of Holistic Healing therapy techniques to help the client on their journey toward a purpose. My aim is offer the best care and assistance to encourage changes by facilitating healing, using ancient and contemporary practices that improve physical, emotional and spiritual strength. I offer a relaxed, non judgemental space and understanding relationship with my clients to assist them in achieving good all-around health. I offer a Free holistic approach assessment allows me to gain information focusing on you as a whole being.   Zoom consultations available.

Guiomar Bio

Guiomar’s love for the art of Holistic Healing began over two decades ago. She decided to make her passion into a vocation after a near-death experience. To date, Guiomar has combined all of her extensive trainings, hands-on experience, and expertise to provide healing services as a spiritual holistic counsellor, hypnotherapist and holistic coaching at The Healing Temple Studio where also she run meditation classes and workshops, that enable her clients to harness their infinite potential for their greater good. Both emphatic and highly intuitive, she consistently strives to utilize her innate talents to help people pave the path to lasting fulfilment in every facet of their lives.

Equally as compassionate, Guiomar makes it a point to create a safe space for her valued clients through non-judgemental consultative, and by creatively unifying ancient techniques with modern healing modalities.

She works directly with one’s body-mind intelligence to facilitate wellbeing and transformation. She instils a sense of empowerment that helps one release their self-limiting beliefs.  Among all her avid interests, Guiomar is most intrigued by consciousness, spirituality, personal growth, and human behaviour.

Thus she continues her journey on professional development, attending workshops with some of the greatest names – Dr Joe Dispenza (neuroscientist), Bruce Lipton (Cell Biologist and Epigeneticist) , Paul Mckenna PhD, Caroline Myss MA, and the pioneer Blue Marsden MA founder the London Holistic Healing College.

She would love to help you on your journey to greatness, so feel free to contact her!

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Guiomar graduated 2012 at Holistic Healing College

  • Holistic Healing Dip.
  • Spiritual Counselling Dip.
  • Holistic Life Coach Cert.
  • Soul Plan Advance Practitioner Cert.
  • Advanced H’opononopo Cert.
  • Professional Tarot Consulting Cert.
  • Tarosophy Tarot Dip.

Graduated 2013 at London College of Hypnotherapy

  • Hypnotherapy Dip.
  • Registered at CMA the Complementary
  • Medical Association.
  • Fully insured.
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