Do you feel

  • Stuck in patterns that you struggle to undo?
  • Moving currents
  • Held back by ‘old stuff’?
  • Seeking inspiration in your life?

Hypnotherapy assists you in directing change and builds behaviour style for a specific end result. Often time people believe that therapist is in charge of the hypnosis but the reverse is the case. True, the therapist builds the right atmosphere that assist you go into a trance state.

Our daily life, hypnotic suggestion is utilized by a lot of people conscious and unconsciously. Words like relaxation, imagery, visualization, and now mindfulness are familiar terms with us.  And deliberately or unconsciously a lot of us have faced different altered state.

During hypnosis, when you go into a state of trance and you find yourself in a different mood of cognitive thoughts, most time when you move pass the normal conscious thinking of life, making use of imaginary and other cognitive methods. This can enable us get access to resources that have been forgotten and use them in our conscious state easily then in other therapy methods

How can hypnosis work for you?

Hypnosis is as a therapeutic technique, to improve the natural ability of clients to improve and enhance their emotional and physical health.  Hypnosis can be used in dealing with a couple of issues like ‘smoking’, phobias, other addictions, issues of self-confidence, and mental and physical symptoms of stress and depression.

Price: 1.5h £90