Services pricing 2018

Holistic Counselling                               £50 1hr
Package of 6 sessions                           £290

Holistic Coaching                                  £50
1 hour session
Package 10 sessions                             £500

Hypnotherapy                                      £90
90 minutes

Quantum Healing Hypnosis                   £130
Therapy 3-6 hours

Energy Psychology (EFT)                       £50
1 hour session
First appointment would usually
would be 90 minutes £65 subsequent
sessions of either 60 or 90 minutes
depending on the client’s preference.

1 hour session                                            £40

Therapy Massage                                     £60
Swedish or Aromatherapy
70 minutes

Classic Massage                                       £55
1 hour

Back or Shoulder Massage                    £40
40 minutes

Indian Head Massage                            £40
1 hour

Guided Meditation                                 £7 per person
1 hour

Asana Traditional Yoga 1 hour            £10

Workshops Available


Also available by request

Reiki (Usui & Anusha) with a Reiki Master                                              £40
1 hour

Soul Plan Reading- Life Purpose Analysis                                              £90
90 minutes plus a written report

Soul Integration Therapy (Archetypes)                                         £80
75 minutes

Professional Tarot Consulting                 £45
(note, this is not a fortune teller reading)

Cancellation Policy:

Please give 24 hours’ notice if you wish to cancel an appointment or 50% of the treatment fee will be charged.

The Healing Temple Disclaimer

The Healing Temple holistic therapies do not claim to cure or diagnose any medical condition.

Holistic Healing therapies can help alleviate a wide range of conditions (physical and mental).

If you have health problem, medical emergency or a general health question The Healing Temple would always recommend you should consult you GP. The services provide by The Healing Temple holistic therapies are not intent to cure or diagnose any medical conditions we aim to support bringing about change which can help the client body to heal itself.

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