Professional Tarot Consulting

Tarot Consulting

Tarot is a dynamic self-organised system of signs.

When interpreted (read) Tarot symbolism has a transformative and Healing  effect on your reading.

Tarot consulting do nor demonstrate an impending fate  but empowers you    with better decision maker ability, by choosing the best course of action, and getting insight into the collective psyche helps you becoming aware of some hidden (unconscious) issues.

What Tarot means for You and Me?

The main concept behind the Tarot is quite straightforward and simple, as it will be used to help you to make the vital decisions yourself, and gather clarity – it’s not a fortune telling.
Tarot is an important kind of meditation that focuses on the present situation and is more effective when you are seeking for more insight on a particular topic so as to get a clear view on the picture of the situation or for self-development.

One has to understand that tarot can be useful in their lives and that everything happens for a reason.
Tarot works with the framework of synchronicity that was defined by Carl Jung as “meaningful coincidences”.

You might be consulting tarot due to a problem or challenge that you are facing and you need to comprehend the reason why it is happening and the guidance for the problem. In the tarot consulting relationship, I make use of the cards in visualizations, meditations and readings that will deepen your understanding of the situations at hand.

We all want to know if we’re making the right choices, but the tarot is not in any position to make that decision for us.
Tarot only gives us insight on how best to handle a situation. It is not meant to answer give you definite answers about the future event.
Tarot operates on the premise that everything is connected and there are consequences for every situation.

The cards are just tools which are utilized in reflecting the energy of the situation on ground. They give insight on different levels from practical life questions to self-development.

Your mind has an infinite capacity to make connections and to find meanings in disconnected facts or abstract symbols.Tarot helps you to find your own answers.


Booking your face-to-face, email, Skype or party/events tarot reading its easy.

  • Face-to-face 45min     £45
  • Face-to-face 30min     £30
  • Skype  20min               £20


  • One card reading          £5
  • Two card reading         £10
  • Three card reading      £15
  • Five card reading        £20
  • Ten card reading        £40
  • Up to ten cards           £60

Looking for something fun and different?

Tarot for your Events, Entertainment.

Treat your guests to a interactive and memorable Tarot experience at your next party or gathering.

  • Birthday’s
  • Weddings
  • Baby Shower
  • Corporate Events
  • Get – Together with friends
  • Charities
  • Community Events
  • Grand Openings
  • Trade Shows
  • Parties
  • Halloween
  • Hens Nights
  • In – Store promotions
  • Cruises
  • Christmas
  • New Year Eve

Prices start at approx £120ph but all of our packages are first tailored made to suit your budged. Please email us for any enquiries. A reading is 15min length per person (party guests) just state your requirements.  A host will be offered a Tarot reading.



The future is always mutable I will never scare a client by predicting the inevitability of physical death. I will not read for others than my client. I will not abuse a client trust and vulnerability for my own personal benefit. I will treat my professional colleagues with respect. Tarot for entertainment.

Tarot Consulting

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