Emotional and Mental Well-Being

You have over 72,000 nerve endings in your feet, and each one corresponds to a different area of the body.

Begin your journey to balance, health, and relaxation through Reflexology.

Reflexology helps overall well-being by inducing deep relaxation, which relieves stress and tension and rebalances the mind and emotions.

Reflexology massage  helps creating a feeling of contentment, enhance mental concentration, calm anxiety or raise energy levels when weak.

The most part of your treatment is based on foot reflexology as numerous pressure areas are used in providing a balance in the health of your entire body.

Try reflexology as a compliment to conventional treatments for abnormal blood pressure and hormone levels, aches and pains, digestive problems and impaired joint mobility, and to enhance immune functioning.

This method is carried out through one hour massaging or applying pressure to areas of the feet so as to improve the start of every other part of your body or enhance your general health. It is a relaxing foot massage.

Price: 40mins £40