Soul Plan Reading

What is Soul Plan?

Soul Plan is interpretation of an ancient way of studying life’s purpose.

The reading examines both  concious and unconscious mind with the aim of allowing more connection, guidance, clarity, satisfaction and healing to your life.
A Soul Plan reading is based on the sound vibration of a person’s name (as it appears on birth certificate.

When facilitated by a practitioner, it is easy to align with natural Talents revealed in your Soul Plan, which are your birthright.
The Goal of this process is to guide you to realise your true nature.

How does it work?

The Soul Plan illuminates the vibration of the purpose of your Soul and confirms why we are here and how we can use our unique innate Talents to contribute to the planet.
The Plan gives us greater understanding of both worldly  and spiritual aspect of ourselves; our “Worldly” aspects that we experience between birth 30-35 years,  and our “Spiritual” aspects which most people become more aware of from the age 35 onwards.

Within each aspect exist natural Talents that allow us overcome our “Challenges” and achieve our “Goals”.
Your natural Talents as revealed by the Soul Plan reading are tied to your purpose and Goals on earth.
The Talents I am referring to here are yours and yours only. Not just the ones that are pushed  on us by our parents or society.

Soul Plan will also indicate you “Soul Destiny” – the summation of your Worldly and Spiritual potential of this incarnation.
Following the reading the practitioner will perform energy healing with the intention of removing any blockages that are creating resistance to moving trough your current life challenges.

Soul Plan Reading

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