Bringing in The Light Introduction

In the ‘Bringing in the Light’ Introduction workshop, we will be looking at the riches in your life, and the times when you find things a bit more difficult.

Neuroscience shows us that what you practice in your imagination is experienced as real by your body. The nature of our brain allow us to learn new ways of thinking, act and be in the world.

What you will  learn

By learning new information is the first step in enable a new way of thinking – new mind- set.
Carefully structured exercises and meditations have proven their worth and offer a grounded, integrated system for inner growth that liberates old fears in order to create a deeper connection with our qualities, deeper needs, and chosen direction. The visualisations you will be given can become a valuable part of your life and help you bring in a more positive and enriching experience of who you are.

Where and when?

The workshop is
Saturday 10th March 2018  from 10:00-12:00am
Saturday 24th March 2018 from 10:00-12:00pm


19 Middle Field
Weston Turville
HP22 5RH

There is free car park available.

This workshop is hosted by Sharon a Psychosynthesis counsellor with a passion for understanding human nature and human potential.

The workshop is open to everyone over 18 years.

Free refreshments available.

Book early to avoid disappointments as places may be limited.
Workshop fee £25 per person.

*Please note, workshop fee are NOT REFUNDABLE if for any reason you are unable to attend the workshop, your fee can be transferred to a future workshop date.

For more information please contact  on  07955685672 or email us.
Looking forward to seeing soon.




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