Soul Integration Therapy

Soul Integration Therapy treatments are available at DBHC. This healing therapy is a spiritual level healing. It heals from the top down (spiritual to physical). If you have been trying everything and it seems like nothing works then this might be for you. Soul integration therapy is one way to clear the higher level reasons why some people do not heal.

Soul integration therapy is also an important healing therapy for trauma survivors. Both physical and emotional trauma can “fracture” the soul. Shamans have been doing “soul retrieval” for thousands of years to heal a fractured soul and recover lost soul pieces caused by trauma. Soul integration therapy does this automatically. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), recovering alcoholics and drug users, child abuse survivors, as well as other trauma victims benefit greatly from this modality.

A combination of healing tools and energy healing are used as well as spiritual counseling to help one with their specific spiritual needs and questions. A variety of different types of energies are available from the divine if appropriate.

Price: £80