What is Soul Plan?

Soul Plan is interpretation of an ancient way of studying life’s purpose.

Soul Plan Reading has its roots in the ancient Hebrew gematria.
In the second half of the last century a new set of interpretations under the title ‘Numerology of Moses’ were channelled by the visionary Frank Alper (author of Discovering Atlantis).
In this present format Blue Marsden founder of the Holistic Healing College has extended on the original, added new interpretations, added some elements of numerology and channelled additional material.
This is presented with where possible a non dualistic, more androgynous and modern orientation relevant to the 21st century and our current time.

A Soul Plan reading is based on the sound vibration of a person’s name (as it appears on birth certificate.

The Soul Plan illuminates the vibration of the purpose of your Soul and confirms why we are here and how we can use our unique innate Talents to contribute to the planet. Within each aspect exist natural Talents that allow us overcome our “Challenges” and achieve our “Goals”.
Your natural Talents as revealed by the Soul Plan reading are tied to your purpose and Goals on earth.
The Talents I am referring to here are yours and yours only. Not just the ones that are pushed on us by our parents or society.   Soul Plan will also indicate you “Soul Destiny” – the summation of your Worldly and Spiritual potential of this incarnation.

The Goal of this process is to guide you to realise your true nature.

The reading examines both conscious and unconscious mind with the aim of allowing more connection, guidance, clarity, satisfaction and healing to your life.

Following the reading I will perform energy healing with the intention of removing any blockages that are creating resistance to moving through your current life challenges.

How does it work?

ONCE YOU HAVE BOOKED YOUR SOUL PLAN: I will ask you to email me your birth name as it appears on your birth certificate. I will create a beautiful chart composed with numbers and symbols.
I will start the reading performing a gentle relaxing meditation to help you to connect with the present moment.
Intuitively I will guide you through your soul plan by explaining each aspect of the chart in detail. The reading is 90 minutes length.

The normal fee for the Soul Plan reading face-to-face on my office is £90 a session plus a emailed report. I am offering online via Skype for £50 session also your emailed pdf report.

If you have any questions, Guiomar will be more than happy to answer them.

Price: £90