Teaching and Discovery

Once month – every second Saturday from 14th of March, 10:30-12pm I’ll be running a group (maxi of 8 people) to explore the following question!

  1. Do you want to explore spirituality without being told what to believe in?
  2. Are you looking for a guide on your journey?
  3. Do you enjoy asking questions and challenging established ideas?
  4. How to cultivate a holistic understanding of yourself, your context, and your spiritual journey? I am thrilled and honoured to be your guide on this journey. I will support you in gaining greater self-awareness, greater insight into your life situations. During the event there were discussions around how modern days felt different and the importance of developing the spiritual perspective to cope with difficult times. I will provide you with tools and ways you can make progress in areas related to your spiritual discovery, your connection with the Divine and your overall wellbeing. Please note that I take a neutral stance when it comes to spiritual exploration, supporting you while you discover the truth for yourself.