I have just had an amazing tarot reading with Guiomar which was an in depth look at my life at the moment, and looking at specific aspects which I wished to explore. I really love the way Gee used a mixture of the psychic and counselling /coaching aspects through her reading for me as it allowed me to leave feeling empowered to deal with s few issues. I would definitely have a reading with Gee again!

Jo, Uxbridge

Tenho consultas do Tarot com a Guiomar como guia no qual me ajuda a esclarecer as minhas incertezas dando-me varias possibilidas em que me ajudou a aprofundar alguns aspectos da minha vida naquele momento.

A Guiomar para alem de me guiar atravez do Taro ela e uma excelente coaching em que me ajudou a estruturar passos positivos para o meu crescimento pessoal .
Obrigada Guiomar, um abraco forte.

Elsa Educadora de Infancia, Portugal

I have known Guiomar for four years. She is an incredibly inspirational person and I am grateful for her presence in my life.

About 18 months ago I made a life changing decision to leave my beloved home, job and dear friends to relocate in the hope of fulfilling a long held personal ambition.
As I left, I asked Guiomar to consult the cards for me. Her reading was accurate and incredibly helpful to me.

One cannot tread the path of transformation successfully without support from special souls, and I am lucky to have many such souls around me. Guiomar is one of those souls.

She has read for me several times over these last few months – her insights and guidance have been invaluable to me and have assisted me greatly during this challenging time.

I would wholeheartedly recommend connection to Guiomar if heart centred, loving wisdom is what you need in your life just now.

L. Howard Manchester

Words cannot explain how much of a guidance it is, whenever I am confused or don’t know why God is doing this to me I sit there and think it’s karma. But when I do the Tarot cards it gives me a guidance and the strength to control things and prepare myself emotionally for the future happenings.

I highly recommend it, you won’t know until you try it

Meena, Beautician Therapist Buckinghamshire

To my mind, as I say, there’s no supernatural element in play with the cards. Just psychology. It’s a talent and so much skill! Not everybody can do it! But Guiomar doesn’t explain the cards she makes me read it for her which makes make me aware on how I see the things in my life also Guiomar uses her coaching, counselling and mostly important kindness. Tarot can be a useful tool to tell us what our unconscious/subconscious mind is thinking. We interpret them based on our own thoughts and ideas. And Guiomar has always been there for me to speak to even after the reading, all my questions and concerns have always been answered. I love it! It’s one of my best experiences. It’s so amazing seeing how incredibly accurate it is. I have had many experiences where Tarot has been a shoulder to cry on, but always the right hand in a bad situation. So, if you need just a little boost, or guidance there is nothing you will loose with this amazing experience! Check out the accuracy yourself. You won’t regret it!

Chanda Gill Sales Negotiator/ Valuer Buckinghamshire

A Soul Plan Reading with Guiomar was an awakening call to my core self it has helped me understanding my life lessons and challenges, my talents and goalssense of my life purpose.

Guiomar is an emphatic and loving holistic counsellor, I highly recommend her.

Miranda, BSc Software Engineering London

Nos momentos que me sinto confusa e que preciso de esclaricimento e orientacao para decisoes e escolhas delicadas na minha vida a Guiomar tem sido excecionalmente uma coaching tanto profissionalmente como na minha vida pessoal que me propoe bem estar psicologico e me ajuda a ter foco nas minhas metas. Obrigada Guiomar.

Paula B. Portugal

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