Therapy Massage

Therapy, Counselling, Coaching, Massage

Healing Therapy, Holistic Counselling, Holistic Coaching, Massage, Soul Plan Reading,  Meditation, EFT and Consulting services are key offerings of the Healing Temple.

We offer a wide range  Therapy massage treatments; Sports Massage, Swedish, Relaxing, Ayurvedic massage, Pressure Points massage is aimed at giving you a therapeutic benefit. In most cases therapy massage is often relaxing; the main aim of each session is not relaxation.

People can utilize therapeutic massage as a single treatment. People like as labourers, athletes, or even stressed out office workers, can get regular therapeutic massage in order to stay in good physical condition.

People of all age group can benefit from having therapeutic massage if it is done by an experienced and qualified at The Healing Temple massage therapist. Massage is also great for people with expecting mothers, disabilities and people treating different medical conditions. Even though some precautions have to be taken into consideration in order to protect the client’s health.

Basic therapy massage methods are gotten from different massage styles. Your massage therapist will alter the massage techniques to suit your needs. If you are not sure if the massage is right for you, contact us at The Healing Temple for personal advice.




Massage therapy can help you relax in various ways. Massage can relax your muscle tissue, which can lead to reduced nerve and joint compression, muscle range of motion and increased joint rotation. This often leads to less pain and improved function.

Therapeutic massage benefits the following conditions:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • General Wellbeing
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Low Immunity
  • Minor injuries




Indian Head Massage

Therapy, Counselling, Coaching, Massage

Indian Head Massage has been practised in India for 5000 years, it was introduced to the West in the 1980’s as a Holistic treatment. Therapy, Counselling, Coaching, Massage, Meditation, EFT and Consulting services are key offerings of the Healing Temple.

Indian Head Massage is based on an ancient Ayurvedic Healing system in India. Ayurvedic medicine is a type of Holistic Healing system, which is used to restore the balance and your inner harmony in your mind and body to improve the health of yourself or an individual.

The physiological effects in the Indian Head Massage helps to re-educate the body to rest and to relax, it improves the concentration, increases energy levels, passes on the feeling of well being, the barriers tend to break down and emotions may be released. The signs are mostly seen in the skin whereas the physiological status may be reflected by muscular tightness in the epidermis and dermis. The physiological effects include lower blood pressure and heart rate, releases lactic acid from the body, increases the blood flow to tissues and the lymph flow, stimulates the digestive system, urinary system and the small muscle fibres. The other effects include relaxation, improved sleep patterns particularly if the client is suffering with insomnia, stress relief.<p class=”wpsm-hide” style=”color: #cc0000; font-size: 100%; text-align: left;”>READ_LESS</p>



Indian Head Massage is 45 minutes length and clients experience the effects of massage on their muscular tension via the sensory nerves used in Indian Head. The massage helps the clients to become aware of specific areas of tension and can thereby initiate relaxation and reduce the unconscious motor message (of tension) to the muscles. It is activated at times of anger, fright, anxiety or any type of emotional upset whether real or imagined.
It helps to decrease the effects of the nervous system whilst stimulating parasympathetic activity to promote relaxation and reduce stress hormones such as cortisol by activating the relaxation process. Indian Head Massage is also thought to increase serotonin levels which can help to decrease stress levels of depression.


How it works?

Indian Head Massage includes massage of the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, face, ears and energy balancing. Your therapist will probably chat with you beforehand to get an idea of your lifestyle, any particular aches, pains or ailments you have. She may ask you if you are having any medical treatments or taking medicines, as this might affect which oils she uses, and what type of pressure and technique.


What you need to know before you go?

You should wear loose-fitting clothing, so that you don’t feel restricted or uncomfortable. It’s a good idea not to have too many layers. For an Indian head massage, the masseur is liable to want to massage your neck and shoulders, even your upper back, so a polo neck is a bad idea, as is complicated or tight-fitting underwear.

Indian head massage is kind to hair; it is not kid to hair-dos. Remove any hair bands, clips or slides before you go in, and book that hair appointment for the day after.

Bear in mind as well that as you may have oils rubbed into your scalp – you might want to take a cap, or other hair band with you to make yourself look respectable on your way home, or back at work.


As with any treatment it is important to tell your therapist in advance if you:

  • are, or think you might be, pregnant
  • have any medical conditions or are receiving any treatment or medication
  • have recently had an injury or operation
  • are allergic to anything, particularly skin allergies
  • have any broken skin or sores on your scalp

as this may affect the kind of oil and treatment you receive. Be aware that after your massage your hair will smell very strongly of the essential oils used during the massage. If you’re going out for a meal afterwards, you might want to give your hair a good wash beforehand. Chances are it will still smell good, but less overpowering.



Pregnancy Massage

Therapy, Counselling, Coaching, Massage

Pregnancy massage is a type of massage therapy specifically designed to be used during pregnancy. It is also called prenatal massage. Pregnancy massagecan be done with or without Aromatherapy,may help relieve some of the aches and pains of pregnancy. But it does have some risks; it isn’t suitable for every person or every pregnancy.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

While every pregnancy is unique, the changes to the body as a baby grows often cause discomfort. A pregnancy massage can help relieve some of these symptoms along with other benefits for the parent-to-be.

Pain Relief

As the abdomen grows outward, posture changes to realign the center of gravity over the hips. For some people, the stress on the joints and muscles results in low back, pelvic, neck, shoulder, or sciatic nerve pain.

Reduced Swelling

Some sweeling,or oedema, is also normal during pregnancy. The fluid build-up tends to be more pronounced in the legs,ankles, and feet because the growing uterus puts pressure on the veins in the legs. Massage may help to reduce fluid build-up


Better Sleep

Difficulty sleeping is common during all stages of pregnancy, thanks to physical discomfort as well as stress and anxiety. Massage may help improve sleep quality and insomnia during pregnancy.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Prenatal massage is also used to boost mood and enhance overall well-being. For example, in one study that measured pregnant women’s stress and immune system function, women who received a series of prenatal massages showed significant decreases in stress hormone levels and enhanced immune function.5 Additional research shows that prenatal massage can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Professional massage therapy can help decrease depression, anxiety, stress, and even preterm delivery.

Safety and Risks of Prenatal Massage

At The Healing Temple our qualified massage therapist Lee will ask you to fill out a medical history form and sometimes an authorization from your healthcare provider. You should provide information on health conditions, medications, allergies, family history, and your pregnancy. Be sure to communicate with the massage therapist and let them know if you feel any discomfort during the treatment.


Oncology Massage

Therapy, Counselling, Coaching, Massage

Oncology massage is safe and effective at helping people feel better during challenging times – is a form of non-invasive, compassionate touch.

Benefits of Oncology Massage:

A relaxing session with our certified massage therapist appears to help reduce anxiety, pain, fatigue and other types of discomfort in cancer patients. Moreover, patients still continued to feel better 2 days after the massage. Massage therapy is a “non-invasive, pleasant, inexpensive therapy that has the ability to reduce these very serious symptoms.

  • Better ability to tolerate cancer treatment side effects
  • Better sleep
  • Fewer chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (numbness)
  • Less chronic pain either from chemotherapy or cancer
  • Reduced chemotherapy-related nausea


Utilization and Safety Concerns

Massage is generally safe, even during active treatment, to help address fatigue, anxiety, pain, and sleep problems, when provided by a qualified massage therapist at The Healing Temple. Local massage, such as reflexology on the hands, feet, or ears, is particularly useful in instances where massage would otherwise be avoided, such as due to anatomic sites of tumour involvement, suspected obstructions, areas of recent radiotherapy or surgery, or near locations where devices are implanted to deliver chemotherapy or assist in wound healing. Even patients with advanced-stage breast cancer, reflexology was shown to be safe, with routine precautions taken for open sores and painful foot neuropathy.

Enjoy your treatment:

  •  Safe Practice Oncology Massage involves a very light-touch technique with or without aromatherapy and can be profoundly beneficial to those with, or recovering from, cancer as it is a mindful and focused treatment.
  • Feedback from clients is that it is deeply relaxing.
  • If it’s uncomfortable for you lying face down our treatment tables are adjustable where you can sit comfortably with pillow support.

Our Massage Therapist, Lee, has undertaken specialist training in oncology massage. It is important to know how to modify a massage or bodywork session to accommodate the many side-effects and treatment outcomes that may accompany chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy treatment.

Side effects

Most people don’t have any side effects from having a massage. But you might feel a bit light headed, sleepy, tired or thirsty afterwards. Some people can feel a bit emotional or tearful for a while.



Emotional and Mental Well-Being

You have over 72,000 nerve endings in your feet, and each one corresponds to a different area of the body.

Therapy, Counselling, Coaching, Massage

Healing Therapy, Holistic Counselling, Holistic Coaching, Massage, Meditation, Soul Reading, EFT and Consulting services are key offerings of the Healing Temple. 

Begin your journey to balance, health, and relaxation through Reflexology.  Reflexology helps overall well-being by inducing deep relaxation, which relieves stress and tension and rebalances the mind and emotions.

A Reflexology massage  helps creating a feeling of contentment, enhance mental concentration, calm anxiety or raise energy levels when weak.

The most part of your treatment is based on foot reflexology as numerous pressure areas are used in providing a balance in the health of your entire body.



Try reflexology as a compliment to conventional treatments for abnormal blood pressure and hormone levels, aches and pains, digestive problems and impaired joint mobility, and to enhance immune functioning.


This method is carried out through one hour massaging or applying pressure to areas of the feet so as to improve the start of every other part of your body or enhance your general health. It is a relaxing foot massage.




Services Pricing

  • Holistic Counselling £50
  • Holistic Life coach £55
  • Hypnotherapy £90
  • EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) £60
  • Quantum Healing technique to treat anxiety £70
  • Integrative Reiki £45
  • Soul Plan Reading Life Purpose Analysis £90
  • Archetypes Soul Integration 1.5 hour £90
  • Meditation in a group of 8 £4
  • Full-body Swedish massage £55
  • Full-body Deep Tissue £60
  • Oncology massage £60
  • Oncology massage £35
  • Pregnancy massage £55
  • Pregnancy massage back, neck & shoulders £35
  • Back, neck & shoulders £35
  • Indian-Head £40
  • Reflexology (foot or hand massage) £40
Aromatherapy Oils Blended to Suit Your Needs on The Day:

  • Full-body £70
  • Full-body £55
  • Back, neck 7 shoulders £35