Therapy Massage

Therapy massage is aimed at giving you a therapeutic benefit. In most cases therapy massage is often relaxing; the main ‘aim of each session’ is not always relaxation, unless you request it.

People can utilize therapeutic massage as a single treatment. People like as labourers, athletes, or even stressed out office workers, can get regular therapeutic massage in order to stay in good physical condition.

People of all age group can benefit from having therapeutic massage if it is done by an experienced and qualified at The Healing Temple massage therapist. Massage is also great for people with expecting mothers, disabilities and people treating different medical conditions. Even though some precautions have to be taken into consideration in order to protect the client’s health.

Basic therapy massage methods are gotten from different massage styles.  At Healing Temple we offer a wide range of massage, from Swedish massage, sports massage, pressure points massage, ayurvedic massage, reflexology massage relaxation massage and Indian head massage Your massage therapist will alter the massage techniques to suit your needs. If you are not sure if the massage is right for you, contact us at The Healing Temple for personal advice.


Massage therapy can help you relax in various ways. Massage can relax your muscle tissue, which can lead to reduced nerve and joint compression, muscle range of motion and increased joint rotation. This often leads to less pain and improved function.

Therapeutic massage benefits the following conditions:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • General Wellbeing
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Low Immunity
  • Minor injuries