Understanding The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

THIS WORKSHOP IS: For beginners or for people who have knowledge or no knowledge about Tarot.

THIS WORKSHOP WILL HELP YOU: Gain a basic understanding of the Major Arcana and symbols.

YOU WILL LEARN HOW: To do your own mini-readings, and have a chance to ask a professional reader any questions you have about Tarot. We will be using the Rider/Waite-Smith deck, please bring your own.

ON THIS WORKSHOP YOU WILL LEARN: – The structure of the Tarot deck – An introduction to Major Arcana – The story and symbolism behind the images – How to read one and three cards – Practising readings for each other – Ethics

WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO BRING: – You need to bring a Rider/Waite – Smith deck. – A pen and pad – Refreshments will be provided, if you would like you can bring your own pack lunch

FREE Parking

PRICE: £40pp